If I could give 10 stars I would. Since having major surgery in 2011 I have had on and off pain issues with my shoulder. In many ways I grew accustomed to ‘the bad shoulder’ this consequently impacted on my overall health and quality of life. It is unbelievable that after only 1 session my shoulder and back feel amazing having had physio on it over the years. My heart surgeon recommended I see a chiropractor and chose David based on his excellent reviews and I can see why he is so highly thought of. I do not have the words to express my appreciation and gratitude. I highly highly recommend David. Thank you! Thank you so very much. I look forward to my next sessions. Ashleigh O’Connell

I made contact with David of Advance Chiropractic and Acupuncture clinic after I developed severe sciatic and back pain. I had been suffering for 4 months and had seen an osteopath with no success. I work full time and was suffering everyday, unable to put a sock or shoe on, I had to wait for my husband to help me out of bed and I was often in tears driving to work because I was in so much pain. I had already taken 2 weeks off work thinking this would help, but it was deteriorating everyday. I had been referred by my GP for the musculoskeletal clinic but the wait to be triaged is 16 weeks in Herts. I was taking 19 pain killing tablets everyday just to enable me to move around and even then I was in constant pain. I found David on google and after an unsuccessful treatment with the osteopath was thinking of having acupuncture. I emailed David and he responded immediately, gave me an opportunity to explain my problem and then arranged an assessment at the clinic within a few days. I met with David and he did a thorough holistic assessment (I am a nurse so have good understanding of a thorough assessment and how important this is to ascertain the most appropriate treatment). David recommended chiropractic treatment as he felt this was more appropriate, but did give me the option to try acupuncture, should I feel I wanted this in the future. I immediately felt very safe and confident in David’s hands. David did give me an indication of what he felt the likely cause of my back pain was, but due to its severity made a recommendation for me to have an MRI. He explained why he felt this would be of help and I agreed. David was able to refer me immediately to have an MRI and I was offered an appointment within a couple of days. David is able to look at the MRI images and explain what the problem is, which actually confirmed what David had suspected and more. David is very knowledgeable and explains everything in detail. He gives you ample opportunity to ask questions and is on hand if you are worried or concerned in the meantime. Being a health care professional myself, I have very high expectations and David exceeded these. I would not hesitate in recommending David to friends and family and cannot speak more highly of his professionalism, knowledge and experience. Louise Bennett

I first got in touch with Advance Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic about a year ago when previous attempts to help a chronic back problem had proved unsuccessful. I had been suffering from relatively severe sciatic-type pain which would keep me awake at night as well as occasional upper-back discomfort. From the very first, my treatment has been fantastic. In my first session, David was able to determine not only what he though I was suffering with but also, and potentially more importantly, what might have been causing it. This has meant that I have been able to help myself outside the sessions as well – something key to those in recovery. Improvement was obvious within the first few appointments and I have never thought that he has been recommending more treatment or appointments than necessary meaning that he most certainly offers value for money as well. David always explains what he is going to do and why he is doing it – in my case, I have had pressure-point treatment and adjustments in the back meaning that when I fall out of alignment, I am put back into place through both muscular and skeletal support. Having tried other similar clinics in the past, I can honestly say that I am hugely thankful to have found Advance Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic and that David is someone whom I trust implicitly with my treatment. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. James Frecknall

I contacted David as I had been trying to conceive my first child for some time and wanted to see if acupuncture could help me. I am a very anxious person and am not keen on needles at all…David took the time to answer all my questions, to explain exactly how acupuncture could help me, and to ensure me that the needling he would use on me would not be painful. In the sessions he….offers other advice relating to diet, exercise and stress management. I followed all his advice and fell pregnant after 1 and a half cycles with acupuncture…I would definitely recommend David to others who are trying to conceive – he really cares about his patients and I have even contacted him between sessions and am never made to feel that I am bothering him! Solene Bhagwanani

What can I say about David Wheeler? This man is amazing. I had been experiencing excruciating pain in my leg, to the point where I was barely able to walk and almost in tears just walking from the station. Following an MRI scan showing disc prolapse affecting the nerves I saw my GP who simply passed me the results and said ‘surgery or painkillers’. Surgery was my biggest fear and last resort, I began taking Gabapentin but had to keep increasing the dose. At my wits end I searched the internet for local chiropractors and contacting David was a life changer! After my initial email I rang him and was simply blown away with his knowledge, care, time spent and understanding of my issue. There was no pressure to book an appointment but I immediately thought ‘this man knows his stuff’. I first saw him in January, as mentioned above, at a point where the pain was unbearable. I had very regular appointments to begin with and followed his advice on exercises and posture awareness. The clinic is so warm, clean and welcoming which relaxes you simply on arrival. David uses adjustments and other chiropractic methods on my back. He immediately saw a curvature in my mid back and really importantly he explains everything clearly so I understand. After nearly three months of treatment the pain is hardly there anymore! I cannot thank David enough – he has literally changed my life, as when I first went to see him any kind of walking was unbearable and my quality of life was badly affected. I thought the only option would be surgery. I have had back and shoulder problems in the past twenty years yet none of them have been able to help – until I met David Wheeler! I recommend him 110% to anyone in need of relief. My treatment is less frequent now and walking is no longer a problem – all thanks to David. I can’t praise him enough! Claire Raab

Whilst experiencing a severely uncomfortable and debilitating lower back spasm that wouldn’t go away I decided to give Advance Chiropractic a call as I needed immediate relief. I was impressed that they could fit me in later that day and a confirmation text soon appeared on my phone giving all the necessary details regarding parking and payment. After overcoming my initial surprise that the premises was obviously residential I was warmly welcomed by David and the treatment began. The initial consultation was 45 minutes in length and consisted of David building a thorough picture of my condition and then some corrective treatment, mostly manipulating the muscles either side of my spine, followed by some more violent freeing of joints using a collapsible section in the treatment bench. I hasten to add that David explained every aspect of the treatment before he carried it out so there were no nasty surprises! I went on my way after the session armed with some exercises to complete at home feeling considerably more free moving and confident I had come to the right place. There then followed a series of 30 minute consultations over the next few months, decreasing in regularity, until we were both happy that the best outcome had been achieved. I left the practice much happier, not only with my back, but comforted that if I ever have a recurrence or any other relevant issues I know exactly who to contact. Richard Manser

I have been getting treatment with David for six months now, although he has solved my issues that I went with, I still see him once a month for a top up and to make sure I stay in good shape. I can honestly say this guy is not motivated by money and cares about his patients. I can also tell you unlike other people doing this job he takes his time and does not try getting you out after 10 minutes with a load of waffle. I can strongly recommend David and he is 100% genuine in every respect. Andy Greek

I’ve been getting treatment from David for around a month, and the improvement I have experienced has been incredible. I went to David with chronic back pain that would leave me bed bound and after only 2 visits I was feeling the best I have done in a very long time, David’s calm and friendly approach to his craft has made my visits very easy and enjoyable and I couldn’t recommend him enough. Ryan Brown

I have done my back in on a few occasions, sometimes it has been brought on by sport/physical activity, others by jerk movements. This time I did my back in was particularly bad and I found it difficult to walk and work for a fair few days. I found this clinic online and was pleased with the reviews that it already had. My first assessment/treatment was informative, and immediately gave some relief. Dr Wheeler was very professional, welcoming, and confident in his approach. I must say that having not had this type of treatment before I was somewhat apoplectic about what to expect, but Dr Wheeler explained what procedures he was going to perform and how, and although the first ‘table drop’ surprised me a bit, it would have been stranger had I not known what he was going to do! (don’t be afraid of the name table drop!). Over the following weeks, treatment and advice helped enormously with reducing my pain, and preparing me to avoid further instances in future. Appointments are now fewer and further between as my condition gets better. I would highly recommend this service to anybody that has any back pain. The benefit is not only to treat current pain, but also mitigate the risk of repeat injuries. Joe Lavery

David has been treating me for less than a year, but has made a huge difference. I have found him to be knowledgeable and professional, and have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Sara Evinson

David is very professional, very gentle, and you can really tell he genuinely cares about his  patients. Within just 3 sessions I have felt better than I ever have. I feel completely safe and comfortable during his treatments. He comes highly recommended! Shaun Hewlett

I can confidently say that the [chiropractic] treatments received and advice I have followed have improved my back pain hugely, maybe even completely. His [David’s] professionalism, attention to detail, care and advice leave you with no other feeling than that of dealing with someone who genuinely cares for their clients/patients. The clinic within his home is always immaculately clean and comfortable. The treatments are never rushed, but nor do I feel they are overly long or unnecessary. David Daniels

He is honest, caring and very accurate…..I have not had one session where I haven’t been impressed and pleased with the results and suggested after care. Nathalie Seymour

I contacted David in Nov 2015 after suffering with periods of neck/back pain for many years. Ever since the 1st appointment I have been very pleased with the service. I have to travel by car for 40 mins from North London to David but it is worth it to be pain free and know that I am getting a very good service. David Rojas

An extremely friendly, welcoming and warm atmosphere at David’s home office. A car accident at 25 left me in a lot of pain but seeing David has bettered my quality of life. Charlotte Catt

From my first consultation David diagnosed my problem immediately and after one session I felt completely different. David was very professional and helpful and from reading some information he recommended I have also lost a stone in weight in four weeks. Brilliant! Andrew Gunn

David is an extremely knowledgeable professional. I had treatment of chiropractic and also acupuncture. He explains all the treatments throughout, and has patient wellbeing in mind at all times. Clinic is bright clean and calming. Carla MacFarlane

My son and his wife both received treatment from David and were extremely happy with both his approach and the treatment received…I was suffering with a combination of persistent neck, shoulder and back discomfort…I am extremely pleased with the way in which he assessed the problem and the subsequent treatment I have received. You are treated in a friendly and considerate manner….and given more time than I have experienced elsewhere. Iain Houston

I…suffer from general neck and back pain due to long distance driving. The treatment David provided was excellent and has helped to relieve my symptoms as well as providing ongoing health improvements. Tom Kerins

David took a thorough medical history, and then performed a clinical exam. He quickly diagnosed the problem and…performed a chiropractic adjustment that significantly reduced the discomfort I was feeling.The clinic is extremely professional and I would not hesitate to recommend the practice to anyone seeking relief from back or neck pain. Robert Marsh

I have been attending the Advance Clinic over the past year for both Chiropractic and Acupuncture. The clinic…is spotless, and an oasis of calm, where I always feel welcome. David takes a truly holistic approach to his patients, taking a detailed medical history, assessment and then setting out an agreed treatment plan. He is highly qualified and dedicated, looking at both the medical and emotional connections. David has not only helped with my neck and lower back pain in a chiropractic sense, but helped me to walk taller and with more confidence emotionally. I would definitely recommend him. Emma H.

I first came to the clinic after experiencing severe neck pain. David was recommended to me by a family member who had excellent results following his treatment. The treatment gave relief to my neck within the first session and I have seen a significant improvement in my posture since attending the clinic. Tracey Scully

I contacted David due to ongoing head, neck and shoulder pain which had become extremely debilitating. Immediately upon meeting him I felt relaxed and confident in his professional abilities. I would thoroughly recommend David to all. Geraldine Lynch

I went to see David for a lower back issue…His treatment has been extremely effective and I started noticing an improvement after just the first few sessions. He is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about his field and I would recommend him to anyone who suffers from neck or back pain. Tom Saggers

David is excellent. Easily the best chiropractor I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a few. He explains and listens in equal measure, in what is a friendly and hospitable environment. Stuart Mullins

I was recommended to David by my PA as I was having a lot of pain in my elbow. After a few acupuncture treatments and some exercises I am well on the way to recovering and may even be able to pick my golf clubs back up! Graham Clarke

I came to David, barely being able to move my neck and shoulders and being in such severe pain…After my first session the relief was amazing. David is very professional…Would definitely recommend David to family and friends and I’ve even recommended him to my own clients that suffer with back pain. Charli Rolfe      

I came to David for Acupuncture after many years of suffering sinus problems…Within a few weeks of my treatment my condition had greatly improved, and continues to do so. I have always found David very approachable, caring and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Sarah Hussey

The clinic is modern and very clean, and gives a very personal experience. Gerard Scrase

I had been suffering with very poor digestion and feeling very low for many months. I’d been to my GP on endless occasions for help and tests but they couldn’t find anything wrong. I immediately felt very relaxed with David and my first consultation…was very detailed. He suggested a course of acupuncture and diet recommendations…I’ve improved week by week and now I would say that I feel as good, if not better, as I did before I was ill. David is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He makes you feel at ease and makes you feel positive about your situation. So much so, I’ve recommended my wife to him… Richard Lucas

I was very nervous but after my first visit, David put me at ease… Baz Nash

I have had back pain for over 25yrs. In 2015 I had sciatica pain that went down to my foot…David took my medical history and then gave me some treatment. Within a week the pain had reduced significantly. I have continued with maintenance treatments for a year now. I have not had the sciatic pain since starting with David. The clinic is clean and professional, and I have happily recommended Advance Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic. Jeff Macca

I hobbled into David back in the Spring of this year….I could hardly walk and my back was very painful. I left hop, skip and jumping from his practice that day! David is a wonderful, gentle, chiropractor…My husband also now visits David after fearing chiropractors for years…thank you, David, for being our Knight in Shining Armour! Jules Bridgman

I began a combination of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments with David, following a recommendation from my wife. Suffering with psoriatic arthritis and general back pain…David has provided a holistic approach to help relieve my symptoms, not only providing the treatments but also exercises at home and dietary guidelines. I’m pleased with both the results and the service received and have no hesitation in recommending him. Tim Wright

Visited the clinic last October after experiencing back pain that made it difficult to walk…I had had the problem for over ten years but never managed to get it corrected before…The treatment was effective very quickly…Even now each visit sees an improvement in posture as my back continues to strengthen. I had no hesitation in recommending David when my wife recently injured her shoulder and to friends with similar problems. Christopher Simmons

…went to see david a few months ago and I was dealt with in a very professional way and soon had my back feeling better… Wayne Storey

Had 5 sessions of chiro and acupuncture with David over the summer to treat a back and shoulder injury. Very impressed with the treatment and set-up…Felt much better after 4 treatments… Patrick Scotchmer

I was suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain. I literally cannot believe how the treatment has made me feel. To me this man is a magician and I would recommend anyone to visit David to aid their recovery. Jon Bishop

Excellent treatment and great results within 3 sessions over a week. Very professional, friendly and reassuring clinician…Highly recommended. Andrew Oughton

From a pronounced limp (30+ year old injury) and the overall flexibility of a tree trunk, David transformed me back to normality, with apparent ease. Mobility into my senior years is important to me. David is professional, competent, and the clinic environment is very clean. I highly recommend this service. Gwen Williams

I have been having treatment from David for around six months now and can thoroughly recommend his clinic. Although the clinic is based in his home, the environment and consultations are extremely professional. David was quick to diagnose the issues I was having in my neck and shoulders and his treatments have been very effective. Jack Dunning

I have been seeing David…for both Acupuncture, for my hayfever (among other things) and Chiropractic treatment for my shoulder and back issues. I have had good results from both. David is very professional and sets out a clear treatment plan. Fay Simmons

Dr Wheeler dealt with my neck and back problems effectively. I also appreciated the advice and exercises which have helped me to manage my back condition without need for further treatment. Kieron Cooper

I have been having acupuncture with David for the past four weeks for trouble sleeping…I started to sleep better after about four treatments. The treatments have been really relaxing and not painful at all…i am impressed with my results so far. Becky Griffiths

Whilst David didn’t cure my problems he certainly helped. However, the most outstanding quality David does have is that he is most incredibly kind. He was so lovely and genuine and such a help with the problem, I felt better even before he started doing anything. A kindly and sympathetic gentlemen. I would recommend him. Gill Leeden

David explained and ensured I fully understood all the treatment options available to me. After 4 treatments and home exercises, I’m achieving progress from a problem I’ve had for near on a year. Highly recommended and professional service. Helen Dupplaw

I first went to see David having had a sudden onset of pain in my knee. His kindness and professionalism right from the start was so reassuring, and within just a few visits the pain had gone. He then supported me through a particularly stressful period at work. I have since recommended him to three other people, all of whom he has helped considerably with different health issues. Whatever problem you have I really recommend you give David a call… Heather Hill

I visited David after suffering from sciatica and lower back pain. I was in a lot of pain and had visited my doctors surgery who were not helpful or sympathetic which lead to me contacting David to see if he could help me. He showed concern after listening to my symptoms and carried out treatment which over the last few months has helped enormously. David is professional and genuinely cares about his patients well being. I would definitely recommend his clinic. Kayleigh Rogers

David is very gentle, yet tough enough to have you leaving ‘back to normal’ after an appointment. Very thankful for his knowledge and care for his patients! Elisabeth Hewlett

I have been seeing David for treatment since last summer. I have been suffering from terrible neck, shoulder and back pain. I was also struggling with anxiety so David decided on a treatment plan of both chiropractic and acupuncture. I was sceptical at first but I have to say it’s worked wonders. David is incredibly knowledgeable and kind and I would recommend him to anyone. Amy Read

I can’t thank David enough. He his very professional and he cares about his patients. I’ve been having problems with my back for a long time, but since I started seeing him I feel a lot better. I’d definitely recomend him to anyone, he has helped me a lot. Radovan Kozak

I came to the clinic a few months ago after I came off from the bike. Back then I had a broken rib, back, shoulder and neck pains with restricted range of motion when turning my head. David was very kind to schedule an appointment quite fast. On the date, we sat down and gave a description of my conditions, had an initial assessment and treatment. The treatment was well explained every step of the way and at the end of it I felt much better. After a series of treatments my head movement was restored and any back pain was gone. I have recommended my other half to go visit as she had a snowboarding accident a few years back which wasn’t treated right. In short, I would recommend David for the expertise, professionalism and friendliness. I will most definitely return at twice a year for a body alignment. Alex Cornel

I have been going to see David for over three years. His initial and ongoing treatments have improved my condition dramatically. David is always professional, caring and understanding of my condition and I would not hesitate in recommending his services. Ann Cousins

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