Is Chiropractic properly regulated in the UK?

Yes! Chiropractic a fully regulated primary healthcare profession. UK Chiropractors undergo four or five years of full time education to Batchelor of Science, BSc (Hons) degree level. All are registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). The GCC, brought into being by an act of parliament in 1993, is the only legal regulatory body for Chiropractic in the UK and ensures high standards for chiropractic are met throughout the UK. This includes standards of initial professional education, of continuing professional development, and high standards of ethical service to members of the public.

Is Acupuncture properly regulated in the UK?

Sadly, there are practitioners using acupuncture in the UK who may only have had a short training lasting a few weekends. Full qualification in acupuncture means study of acupuncture to Batchelor of Science BSc (Hons) degree level or equivalent on a course accredited or recognized by the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). You can be confident that acupuncture at Advance Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic is delivered by a fully qualified Acupuncturist. Accept nothing less if you want to obtain the best from your acupuncture care. It is always best to seek out a properly qualified acupuncturist registered with the BAcC.

Does the treatment hurt and is it safe?

The treatment is not normally painful. Mild discomfort may be experienced during and after each treatment, but is not normally bothersome. If your condition is very painful, we adapt your treatment to minimize your discomfort. All of the treatments given at the clinic are extremely safe.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on a number of factors, such as, how severe your condition is, how long you have had it, the number of episodes you have experienced, plus your age and general state of health. It will also depend on how carefully you follow the advice you are given, including keeping all of your appointments at the clinic. In our experience, if you carefully follow the advice given and keep to your treatment schedule, it will significantly increase the possibility of a more rapid and fuller recovery.

Do I need to keep coming for treatment if I am feeling well?

No. You can stop your treatment at any time. Of course, we strongly recommend that you complete your agreed course of care. We know from experience that you are much more likely to achieve full and lasting results that way. We will sometimes encourage you to see us for an occasional check-up and treatment even when you feel well. This is especially so where you have a longer history of pain or other symptoms. We have found that this not only helps to keep your pain and other symptoms at bay, but also promotes optimum physical and mental functioning. However, this option is not recommended to everyone and is in any case entirely voluntary.

How long do the sessions last?

This varies. It depends on your specific health needs, as well as the type of care (Chiropractic or Acupuncture) you are undergoing. Generally, a typical Chiropractic session would last 30 minutes, while an Acupuncture session would take 45 minutes.

Will you provide advice and exercises so that I can help myself?

Yes. We want you to take an active role in your own healthcare. The latest scientific research tells us that the combination of clinic treatment and exercises is better than either on their own. The advice and exercises we give are therefore an important part of your treatment and are crucial for your recovery. We provide lots of encouragement in this respect. We want you to achieve full and lasting results.

Will I need x-rays or a scan?

Occasionally an x-ray or scan is required, either during treatment, or before treatment can begin. In our experience, this only tends to affect a small minority of patients. You will be informed if we feel an x-ray or scan in necessary in your case, together with the likely cost implications.

Do I need to inform my GP?

No, not unless you wish to. There may be occasions when the clinic will need to write to your GP regarding your treatment. This would normally only be done after obtaining your consent.

Will I need to pay for treatment? Is it available on the NHS?

It is very unusual for chiropractic to be offered on the NHS, but you could check with your GP regarding local circumstances. Acupuncture is sometimes offered on the NHS, but waiting times for NHS treatment can be long and the number of sessions granted few. Additionally, you may well be treated by a practitioner who does not have a full bachelor’s degree (BSc) in acupuncture. In other words, the practitioner may not be a fully-qualified acupuncturist. We expect payment at the time of treatment, though some patients choose to block book treatments in advance. Block booking can save you lots of time while at the clinic. We also offer a discount when you block book your treatments.

Does scientific research provide support for Chiropractic?

Yes! An important research review from 2010 concluded that, in terms of the effectiveness of ‘manual therapy’ (includes use of Chiropractic techniques, as well as joint mobilization and massage), good quality scientific research evidence exists for a range of conditions, including acute and chronic neck pain and low back pain, acute whiplash, migraine and neck-related headaches, and extremity joint conditions etc. Go to the British Chiropractic Association’s (BCA) website for information about the latest research findings.

Is there scientific research support for Acupuncture?

Yes! Scientific research is increasingly finding new ways in which acupuncture can be of benefit. Scientific research tells us that Acupuncture positively affects the nerves of the body, reducing nerve irritation and pain. It also has positive effects on the body’s hormones (chemical messengers which perform various important tasks throughout the body), thereby promoting pain relief. These effects may also explain the ability of Acupuncture to increase wellbeing and reduce depression, anxiety and feelings of stress. Visit the British Acupuncture Council’s website for information about the latest research findings.

Can I see a Chiropractor or Acupuncturist if I am pregnant?

Yes! Chiropractic and acupuncture are very safe, gentle and beneficial during pregnancy. We have successfully supported many patients through their pregnancy. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, your treatment may need to be adapted to ensure safety.

Can someone who has had back surgery see a Chiropractor?

Yes! Unfortunately, in a significant proportion of cases, back surgery either results in no improvement in pain levels, or sometimes in worsening pain. If you have had back surgery and have not improved, we can still almost certainly help you. If possible, try chiropractic or acupuncture before having back surgery. Many patients have found that they improve enough to not require surgery after all.

What insurance companies are you registered with?

We are registered with all of the major insurance companies, including BUPA, AXA/PPP, Norwich Union, Simply Health and Cigna. Check with your insurance provider regarding your specific entitlement to insurance cover. If you are thinking of using your health insurance policy to cover the costs of your care, please contact the clinic on 01992-535970 or 07973-279389 for further information.

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